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Court Date

My partner has applied to the court to have a Final Order enforced. In the settlement her ex took control of the family residence and a investment property in return for a cash settlement to my partner.

My partners ex then chose not to follow the Final Order and did not pay my ex her settlement. 12 months after the order was made when he hit financial hardship and was about to lose both properties did he sell the family residence and move in with his mother.

Only because the title was in joint name did my partner finally see her settlement as it could not be sold without her permission and the stipulation she gave on the conveyancer was she be paid at least what the court had ordered.

Now the issue at hand is that the mortgage on the investment property was also in joint name. One of the stipulations on the Final Orders was all mortgages be discharged and the ex be solely responsible. Although my partner has not had to pay the mortgages, when the ex was defaulting she was receiving several calls a day from the bank insisting she pay it. My partner put her settlement to good use and has now bought herself a new family home. But the dagger of a defaulted mortgage which her name on it is hanging over her head and she worries about losing her new home to her ex's bad management.

So my partner is going to court in a month to try and have the Final Orders enforced. She has dismissed her lawyer for incompetence and is self representing. It would be helpful if anybody with any experience in this situation could give us some advice. What we really want to know is what we should ask to do and what should we avoid asking for. All we want is my partners name off a mortgage. But her ex has no inclination or prospects of refinancing. What order should we seek?
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