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Contravention and timeliness of applying to the Court.

I have consent orders in place (sealed early 2009).  The children's other parent who the children predominantly live with is now contravening the orders by not delivering the children to my residence at the time stipulated in the orders and has indicated that she will continue to contravene the orders in this regard.

I have sent a letter to her legal adviser advising that I see this as contravention of the orders.

I have contacted a FRC centre.  I have been advised by the FRC that it may take some time before I can get an appointment with them.  Apparently 4 week wait list and then it would be xmas, so perhaps early next year just to get to my first session with them. I don't dare hazard a guess as to when the 'mediated' session can be set up.  THAT could take some time.

Anyways, I have seen mention that with contraventions you can't "save them up" and must apply to the courts promptly to have the contravention addressed. There have been comments about if I allow the contravention persist then the courts may decide to allow the status-quo to remain.

As i cannot apply to the Courts immediately (12 months have expired since orders were sealed so I must redo the FRC/FDF thing), is it just a matter of diarising (sp?) the contraventions and sending a letter each time to her legal adviser?

Is there anything else I can do?

Grey, I have this sitting on my desktop if I ever need to use it. Your questions is specific, but try having a read of this:

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It has a lot of general advice and procedures on contraventions. I'm sure you know a lot of it, but it may help you with ideas.
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