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Contact changeover point

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Hi to you all.

I have a question in regard to the contact changeover point.

I have consent orders dated in 2005, we are now in the process of making a parenting plan and the subject of changing the contact point.

A year after the orders were put in place, the father asked me directly, to drop our daughter at a different point, which I agreed. It has been this way since 2006, now with the parenting plan process, he is asking for the point now to be changed further away for me to drive, making it what he says is "half way". He also says that if this was presented to a judge, the judge would grant it that the point would be half way. Meaning we both would have to travel half way between both our residence to provide contact.

My question is, is that correct? Does the contact changeover point have to be "half way" even though it has stayed this way for over 3 years, neither of us have moved any further away, and why wouldnt he of made it "half way" when he had asked to change it in 2006?

How old can a child be before the parenting plan, or consent orders expire?

Thanks for your time in reading this.
Half way can be expressed geographically or by a traveling time.

A Court would look at all the issues based around distance and traveling.

When the child is 18 or decides to do what they want to do.

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To further simply things it would be considered that both parents are responsible to meet the needs of contact.

Some take the child to that parents whilst the other parents brings them back, some meet half way others have child support reduced if inter state contact is required simple thing is both parents are responsible.

I found the best solution to have change overs at school, one parent picks up the other drops off on rotation, during holidays it's at the other parents home.

End of the day is it really worth the brain power needed to be concerned if the request is reasonable.

When my daughter was young I made all the sacrifices as I saw it beneficial to her, as she has grown I make less and less and her mother comes closer to half way, willingly.

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