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Consent Orders.

When my wife and I separated she and I had Consent Orders drafted. My family lawyer was chosen to put them together and was paid $1500 upfront to do so. She told me that they would take about 2 weeks to do providing both parties were in agreeance on all matters. Naturally my ex-wife changed her mind many times and despite this my lawyer made the changes but suddenly stopped taking my calls and would not return messages and emails. Eventually after a lengthy dispute with my family lawyer she agreed to proceed on a "fee for service" basis as she claims we have exceeded the $1500 paid already. We are now at the 12 month mark and the orders are finally drafted with a couple of minor amendments. I asked my family lawyer to include a clause that requires written consent from both parents for our daughter to attend or be enrolled at any further childcare facilities or educational institutions. She has not included this and despite 3 emails and 4 ph calls she will not answer as to why this is not included. Her secretary stated to me that she had told her to tell me it was covered already in the proposed Consent Orders and I asked where and have not received a response, it has been 3 weeks now. Are you able to give me any advice on whether there is a general rule that when court orders exist that both parents written consent is automatically required under the Family Law Act etc. By the way, this lawyer is absolutely hopeless and when she became aware I was on the verge of lodging a complaint with the Legal Services Commissioner's Office she called me instantly and began a tirade of abuse etc that lasted nearly 45 minutes over 2 separate Ph calls. I am at the end of my tether with all of this and my health has suffered enormously. Could you please assist with advice. Thank-you
Hate to say this, but the Family Relationship Centres can actually do work out consent orders with both parties much cheaper and quicker. You might as will see them as you will have to get a certificate prior to lodging a divorce application

 You are also entitled to either 2 or 3 sessions FREE from your community legal aid centre - so you can get them to check through the document and discuss your concerns
Can't help you on the first part but definately file the complaint against your lawyer if you feel she is not providing a good service. Also if you have instructed her she has to do as you say, unless it is a breach of the law. A simple inclussion would not be the case I would imagine.

On another note. You talk about your lawyer, but not your ex's lawyer. If your ex did not get a lawyer of her own, and then insisted on changing issues in the consent order which caused delay resulting in the exceeding of the $1500 up front legal fee, I would put it to your ex that she meet half of the lawyers fee's. You would have an even stronger case for this if your ex contacted your lawyer directly when putting forward her changes.
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