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Chronology for Final hearing

I have my final hearing coming up very soon. I am required to file the following -1.            a case outline setting out:

a)      a precise minute of the final orders sought;

b)      a relevant chronology;

c)      a list of affidavits and applications and/or responses intended to be relied upon at trial.

What is meant by 'a relevant chronology'? I received paperwork from the lawyer working for the applicant and all he has done is dated and listed affidavits which have been filed by both parties eg: 11/11/11 affidavit filed by XXX.  So do I have to do the same? I was going to write a chronology, dating and listing the events that had occurred (much like a history in an affidavit) but I guess that is not what the FM wants?

The other side, in their paperwork have also detailed S60CC considerations. Is this part of the 'precise minute of the final orders sought'?
A precise minutes of orders sought is your application. That usually means rewrite your application with each paragraph ( or request) numbered. This is then given the heading of Minutes of orders sought.
A relevant chronology is a graph with 2 columns.In column 1 are the dates starting at first date of relevance and in column 2 next to the date is the action that happened on that date. Only document relevant dates to your case.
A list of affidavits is your list of affidavits and responses relied upon by you at court.
The front page should list the court numbers, Court being attended and the parties in the case.
It is a good idea to list the S60CC considerations you are basing your case on and adding any relevant Legal case histories showing precedent in a similar case after completion of the other information. Just list cases as done in court records ie case name , number ect. All information is then put together, pages numbered and handed to the court. They will stamp all copies and you must send a copy to any other party.
Hope this is a little helpful.
Thank you kalimnadancer, your information has helped. I am still a little confused with the chronology part. Their solicitor only listed documentation that has been filed. Am I to list and date information such as -  moved interstate,  first letter received by child,  first phone communication,  attended upon child psychologist,  etc, or is it stictly about the documents filed to the court?
I suggest simple eg - (dates) -  birth adults and child, romance commenced,  lived together, separated, relocation, and I would add significant dates such as first letter, ect.
In your list of documents you want read you list documents. ( your affidavits )
To my limited knowledge the chronology should allow the Judge to see what has happened in life and why you are in court. It should give a basic background from your perspective.
Pebbs - How did things go for you in the end? Were you involved in an LAT?
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