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Children not returned while waiting on final hearing

I know children not being returned has been brought up in topics several times before but after searching I couldn't find it relating when a final hearing is approaching/when a case is under way. I'm sorry if it is here but I searched for hours looking and couldn't find it.
week about access, only few months before final hearing (no more court dates till final). One child got attacked by another girl just outside of school last week in parent 1's care, child has lots of scratches and bruises from it (so does parent 1 from trying to hold back the children/break it up).  parent 2 advised of this and has put a report to DHS and threatening not to return children claiming injuries were incurred by alpacas that reside on property of parent 1.
If not returned to parent 1 tomorrow what is the best procedure when case is already underway and no more court dates before final?
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