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There was reference made at our last hearing to each suppling a casebook for final hearing.
I'm hoping I have the name right.
Does anyone know what this is and where/if anywhere I would find a guide/example on how to do this?
it was not added to orders but there was reference to it helping the case runner quicker or smoother
Maybe the reference is to a case statement which is a summary of all the relevant facts of your case is an abbreviated form. You can dot point the facts under various headings and a chronology of events (i.e. dates and times and what happened) is aso useful.

Hope this helps
Might be but they did make a mention now thinking of it that it was to include references to parts of subpoena's we wanted to rely on so feeling more lost.
Have you tried asking a court registrar? If not then perhaps do so.
MikeT, thanks for suggestion but I rang enquiry line and they said it was legal advice couldn't tell me, wouldn't patch me through to judge's assistant or anything for clarity.
rang women's legal and they had no idea, I guess I will just have to wing it on what they are after and hope it is right and if not just explain I could get no advice from anywhere about it.
Look up Case outline, outline of Case and Case summary….
Good luck self representing..
Ring your 'case coordinator'

4mydaughter, I was told by case coordinator that we no longer have one once final hearing is set.
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