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Can my Ex wife stop me from moving away with my child

My 10year old dauhter currently lives with me in the A.C.T and has done for a year now. A year ago we found out that my Ex wifes new partner had been sexually assaulting my then 9 year old dauhter and since then my dauhter has lived with me in Canberra and her mother who did not believe my daughter has made no attemt to have any contact at all with my daughter in 12 months not even at Xmas, Easter or her birthday.

My new partner and I are thinking of moving to Mildura Victoria and I would like to know if my ex can stop us from doing so?

There are currently no custody plans in place and no legal procedings have commenced for custody and as stated my Ex has made no attempt to have any form of contact in over a year. I have no idea where my ex is even livin now so do I even have to inform her or get her permission?
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