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Can my ex get an injunction

My ex and i have a court sealed parenting order.  In the order my ex has agreed to me moving uo to 100kms from the country town we both live in as long as mediation is organised beforehand to make new arrangements.  At present my ex has our son every second weekend and one day during the week for a few hours.  As of next year he has stated in the order it will only be one day during the week each fortnight (he has dropped the other week) and that he will have him and half of the school holidays (even though our son will only be 4 in Jan).  My ex has another son that he has access to as well.  He also has this son every second weekend and half of the school holidays.  I agreed to the school holidays as of next year.  I want to move roughly 70kms away to be closer to my family (and my sons family).  My ex is now threatening to get an injunction to stop me moving. Before my ex's other son moved back to the town where we live now my ex was travelling from Vic to QLD by plane every 9 weeks to collect him, then when his other son moved to NSW he was travel 2 hours each way to collect him.  I am offering to meet my ex half way which is 25 mins.  Can he get the injunction when he has already agreed to let me move up to 100kms in the sealed order and i organise mediation. 
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