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Calling witnesses for the final "LAT"

Folks and wise wise elders - I need some advice about how to conduct myself as an SRL in an LAT (thats a lot of abbreviations!) - We are about to get allocated a date and the procedure that has been sent to us notes that we need to send in advance a list of witnesses and the "nature of evidence" - I have a feeling that the mother in this case is going to flood the court with her school gate friends and people who reckon she is great … but does this need to be limited to people with an actual area of expertise? The family report was highly favourable to myself and I was hoping to pin a lot of the LAT on the family consultants testimony. Would I just list her as a witness of do I need to cast my net wider in terms of character etc? As you may have guessed the mothers pack of wolves solicitors is seeking to have the family report thrown out as naturally they don't like it! Anyone who has been through this and could offer any insights into how to do this reverently and respectfully and yet not miss an opportunity to strengthen your own corner.

Secondly are you able to cross-examine during the LAT or will witnesses be directed only by the judge?

thanks in advance
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