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bargin with him

BusyBee, I was in the same boat of you ex. I too did not see my daughter for two years. But now I am seeing her now and things are fine (and yes i do pay the right CSA to mother). To get closure with your ex you will have to bargin with him> he doesnt like you and you dont like him so why should he sign any consent orders you give him. If you were to offer cut ties with CSA in respect to this guy (once her signed your paperwork) then he will come to the party. Yes I know you need your CSA but he is not paying anyway. You could agree to enter into a 'peppercorn' $1 pa binding financial arragement wit him. Advantage to you is that 1) you have a bargining chip. 2) He pays no CSA anyway so there nothing to lose 3) as there is a binding agreement you will still be eligible to FTB, parenting payments etc etc.

Sorry Bee but this is the only viable way for him to sign your paperwork, otherwise what motivation does he have?
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