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Arguments for shared/equal handover responsibility.

At the next hearing for interim order arguments (children, spends time), I am expecting the other party to push for all handover drop offs and pickups to be completed by myself.
Whilst this is the current situation, that is only because otherwise I just would not get to spend time with the children otherwise (no prior orders exist).
Both parties live within 2 minutes drive of each other, and on school days, handover is conducted via school.  This is to cover the non school day handovers.
There are no other factors (from a relationship point of view between the parties) that need to be considered (i.e. there is no abuse, violence).. just a 'silent' refusal to share in handover.

Whilst I can justify fair and equal handover responsibilities for both parties in my head, I am struggling to come up with definitive arguments about why it is in the best interests of the children (young teenagers) for this to occur.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
MEJ, you could argue that the other parent should participate in the handover so the the children are encouraged and see that both parents are supporting that they spend time with the other parent….?

If only one parent does the running around then its fair to say that the children will see one parent participating and take note that this parent is the only one who endorses the shared care.
There is something to think about regarding this and that is the reliability of the other parent.  Although it may seem 'fair' to you to share the handovers, it does seem a rather small matter in the scheme of things as you are only 2 minutes away.  However if the other parent is unreliable, often runs late, may change and swap time, in my opinion it is probably preferable to be the one who does the picking up.

If you want to be sure that you can get to any arrangements you or the children have and dont' want to be sitting waiting at home for your ex to turn up when she might be late, early, not come at all or muck you around then I would say don't worry about 'fairness' but do what gives you the least amount of stress and makes it easier for you and the children.

I am talking from personal experience.  If I lived 2 minutes from my ex I would gladly be the one to do all the picking up and dropping off as it means I am in control of when I do it and I would be reliable and on time and never have to be waiting for someone who often turns up late. 

Just my 2c worth and another way of looking at it.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
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