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Child support

Have been fighhting child support for 5 years now through cs ssat aat etc with two seperate time periods (owing to the slow process to date).  Finally have had ssat refuse to make a determination owing to cs review on second case deeming it as too complex, allowing me to file the case with the circuit court.  I had a solicitor and barrister assist me with the filing which is so thick it had to be bound in bookform by the court.  Since filing, the ssat have sent me the decision, which has been mentioned in the initiating application but a copied not attached.  I now need to attach this to my court documents but owing to the size of the initiating application, dont want to burden the court with another cooy that simply has a document attached. Coes anyone know if there is a simple method of including this document as there would be no other changes to the initiating application? Thanks in advance.
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