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Forced time with children

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I am asking now not of my situation but my dear friends, she has been seperated a year now. Her daughters had a very close relationship with their father and this continued for 10 months.

Since her ex met his new partner and they moved into together in tow of 3 of her children, he now has not seen the children for almost 3 months. He says it is due to settling in with his "new family" and they don't need interruptions and distractions to make the settlement harder.

They had been to mediation to try to come to an agreement on time but the ex is unmovable; he does not want time until the undisclosed period of time till his new family is settled together.

She wants this sorted now and she is thinking of just taking it to court and hope to agree on time because her daughters are hurting or that if court doesn't go well she will cut her loses and hope she can pick up the pieces for her children. The question we were discussing today is can you ask for the court to force them to have time with the children?

She will be self representing so I have suggested she get the internet and have referred her to the SRL site, but she doesn't have internet yet so I thought I'd ask for her.

We know he will come around eventually it was just a thought could sort of push it along so the connection with the children is not lost in the meantime.

I was friends with them both and still sort of am, but I feel his new GF might be pulling his strings a little as he has always been a dedicated father to the children and it was just a mutual seperation.

Thanks in advance.
If the father does not want to see his children, what good is going to court? this truly puzzles me!

The courts will not force the father to spend time with his children!

Give him time (personally i see him as selfish, tending to his own needs and forgetting his children ) hopefully he will come to his senses :ninja:

I agree with Monaro's wise words it really would be folly and a waste of money it may take a little extra patience and perhaps a little bit of excusing his behaviour to the child, don't get me wrong I may not agree with what he is doing but different strokes and all but the impact on the child will be great enough so a few improvisation of " Daddy does love you " depending on the childs age of course.

There are a lot of things that could be seen as viable ways of integrating new relationships that may not seem the best choice by a third party but would be considered the best choice by the concerned party.

As I said prior I may not agree but I can understand why he may feel it's necessary and all that can be given is time whilst trying to balance the child by letting them know this may be hard but it's what dad feels he needs to do, nothing to do with the child but a grown ups decision.     
I didn't know if they would force him to spend time with the children. She went to a lawyer for free consultation before realising the fee's were above her means and she was discussing his letter with me saying they could go to court and force him to spend time with the children.

I had never heard of this before and having been through courts already she had asked me for advice but I was stumped.

I am myself hoping that he comes out of this phase soon, the children are 2 and 4 so it is very hard to explain what is going on to them.

Thanks so much for your replies.

There have been several judgements regarding this issue.

The Courts regard contact as a 'privilege' and not an 'obligation' therefore it cannot be forced or enforced.

I am somewhat surprised that a solicitor would have indcated the opposite unless he was hoping for some business to flow from it.

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