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Family report process is traumatic and unfair

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family reporter

I can't believe you have to talk to a family reporter for around a hour on your views as a parent, your past relationship history with the father or mother, the present history, your future aspirations as a parent and individual and what's in the best interest of the child!

How can you do this? People get nervous … hell I even cried my eyes out because when I went through this my children's and my own future was at stake. I personally went through shear hell with violence and trumatic breakup, and my children had to live through and witness unfortunately all of it.

It's crazy… what's the difference with two people deciding who the primary care giver is at the start, then snap of the fingers when everything is trashed they can decide considering all they do is palm the kids off to people and work like a workaholic. Grrrrr the system is flawed!

For anyone going through the family courts be strong, think positive and do everything you can for your kids.

Sorry but I wish you all the best of luck with this!
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