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Ex-spouse changed super fund so I don't know how to file consent order for payout from her super

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I didn't really contest my divorce - my wife had a solicitor and I didn't. My ex-wife got the house and in return I was meant to receive a payout from her super fund to mine. Her solicitor was meant to serve the consent order on the super fund but never did so.

My ex-wife has now changed super funds and so I don't know where to serve the consent order. (She won't communicate with me.) It's looking as if I will need to pay a solicitor about $3000 to act on this - money that I don't have as I am already in debt.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Im guesssing the existing orders will be no go against the new super fund

You will need to get the orders changed.

Get detiails of new super fund from wife/her lawyer.  Then ask for their consent to change the existing orders to inculde the new super fund. And you serve the super fund… before the new orders are approved by the court (there are time periods).  

If wife wont agree to changing the orders, you have start proceedings.

and go see a lawyer….

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