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Enforcement of child visitation

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Daughter doesn't want to travel to visit and Mom won't send her.


I am hoping you can help me with a question.

I have a 17 yo daughter who lives with her mother in Australia.

In our child support agreement and divorce decree it stated that she would spend a minimum of 30 days each year with me.

My wife is refusing to send my daughter this year and says that if I want to see her I should come to Australia.

I was living in the USA when the agreement was made and have continued to live there. Each year my daughter has traveled here to see me but this year she has a boyfriend and wants to stay in Australia.

What options do I have? Traveling to Australia is not an option as I have a new baby due at that time.


Daughter doesn't want to travel to visit and Mom won't send her

Euphonix said
What options do I have?
Suggest the daughter brings her boyfriend and both travel together to the USA?

Perhaps help with local costs.

Can the boyfriend assist with his air fare?

Interesting question raised.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Euphonix said
What options do I have?

The courts will not enforce the order because of your daughters age, her mother would be stupid to start arguing with her to push her to do something she does not want to do, your daughter is just as likely to leave her mothers home if she pushes the issue and she feels harassed.

It's a stage in every parents life when the kids can just do what they want that is a concern, but when it comes to separated families and they can decide whether to see one parent or the other or where they want to live it's even more scary.

You could come over here and visit her, you could entice her to come as  S-SPCA has suggested or you could even give her your support and offer alternative arrangements for next year but one thing you can't do is force her to do what you want no matter how much you miss her, she's growing up  and finding her mind and this will happen no matter what mum and dad say.

Sorry not very helpful.
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