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Consent Orders and Final Orders

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I know that an interim or final order is made by the family court after trial.

I know consent orders are lodged by us when we both consent to the details.

Does one have more power than the other?

I know that an interim or final order will override everything else when made, but if I go for a consent order and the ex agrees and it gets filed in court and confirmed does it have the same weight as a Final Order?
I think the orders are mutually exclusive. That is if you consent to orders then they are filed and the process stops as such.

If you don't consent to orders then you are basically handing the decision making over to the court. I don't think that either carry more weight as such, they are as enforceable as each other.

If matters come before the court again, then it may be that not adhering to decisions made by the court could be frowned upon a little more (especially if the decision maker were the same person).

Conversely consenting to orders is the preferred way as it may show a better attitude to the process and toward being a more responsible parent.

I'm sure the SRL's could expand on this.

Consent Orders

Consent orders have the same 'legal weight' as judicial orders and are the preferred 'choice' of the FCoA and FMC.

See these links for a little more information.

If the Consent orders are sloppily or incorrectly written then 'enforcement' of the orders may be more difficult.

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