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Circuit Week Wollongong FMC

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Is anyone going to be sitting in on hearings this week?

I live in Wollongong and would like to sit in on some hearings at the Federal Magistrates Court in Wollongong. I will be having a hearing here for the first time in about 5 months, and thought it would be good to see how things go.

I thought it might be easier if I was able to meet with any others that may be sitting in as it would be daunting going by myself. So if anyone is in Wollongong and will be at the FMC please let me know.

Tomorrow would be an excellent start for you,
Federal Magistrate Altobelli will be sitting -take the opportunity and attend his court room  :thumbs:

Thanks Monaro I did just that. It was great to see FM Altobelli and how fair and balanced he was. It definitely makes me feel more reassured that I (and my ex) will be before him in court.
if you can afford both time and money it may pay you to head to the sydney branch of the FCoA.
 FM Altobelli appears there more or less on a permanent basis, along with many more judicial officers…..good luck

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