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Children won't go with father

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9 and 10 year old are refusing to go with father

Hi all,

Just after some advice.  I have had a family law matter for over two years now.  The father has had supervised contact over that time as he is deemed a medium risk of re offending against children (I won't go into the nasty bits).  The father hasn't liked supervised contact and has chosen not to see the children regularly over this time, very sporadic in fact.  He has also chosen not to regularly phone the children either.  The children have had physical and mental signs of stress over his sporadic contact and are seeing a child psychiatrist for it (she is absolutely lovely and has helped the children remarkably)  unfortunately the father refuses to see the child psychiatrist despite claiming to be concerned with their health.  It has recently come to ahead where both children a refusing to see him.  At recent supervised visits they have told him this and he seemingly agreed.  However, now he is not had contact with them the last two/three weeks and is wanting to see them tomorrow as the court orders provide.  My problem is the children are refusing, they are so adamant they don't want to go or even see if anymore .

I feel as though I am in the middle here, I have told them they will be spending time with him, but they don't even want to get dressed or get ready to see him, it is not like I can wrestle a 9 and 10 year old to get dressed.

I have conveyed to him that the children have these concerns but he refuses to see the child psychiatrist so she can work with him on strategies to deal with the children and he refuses to talk to me.

Has anyone experienced something similar, it is not like I can force them out the door, how would the courts view this?

I hope someone can help as I feel like I am in the middle and can;t make anyone happy.
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