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Appropriate timeframes for responses.

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While I am still exploring the excellent resources of this website, I have a quick question.

My husband is wanting to write a letter to ex's solicitor explaining that he is still wanting to negotiate.

What is appropriate to indicate as an acceptable timeframe when requesting a response from a solicitor/client?

Any advice would be great.

Thank you
From my experience in any letter it is 7 days, I could however be wrong by this but that is what has been sent out for me in the past and that is also what I have recieved.

Be Proactive and Act

Never get into a letter writing contest … it just delays matters and costs money (especially if using lawyers, who get rich on delays).

Send short minutes (draft orders sought) to the other party in EXECUTABLE form

Give 21 days to put sign the form and if not then File & Serve.

Be proactive and take action.  Be the Applicant rather than the Respondent.

It is more likely to get you the outcome that is best for your children and can save you thousands in the process.
Thanks for that Faith.

Also, is it appropriate these days to email letters to solicitors when they display their individual email address?
Maybe someone more experienced can answer that but I think it's more fax and mail, again my experience and what I personally would do.
The solicitor used in our case encouraged the use of email as an acceptable form of contact citing it was easier for her to access and act on. The fee remained the same no matter what form you use be it letter, email or phone call.
Personally I suggest you ask your solicitor what they prefer, but bear in mind they are acting on your behalf.
Draw as much as you can from this site, all the reading material is priceless and all the members are helpful.  :thumbs:

"I don't have tomorrow's grace yet, and I won't need it until tomorrow! We must not be so overly occupied with the future that we lose today. God has hidden the future, so we might trust Him. He is compassionate in doing so. Why waste the present trying to change something you cannot change?

Extract from "Deceived By God" author John S. Feinberg :thumbs:
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