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Amending Final Orders

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Financial case in the FMC

The duty solicitor at the Federal Magistrates Court advised me that the final orders I had listed on the Initiating Application (in a financial case) needed re-writing. How do you amend these? Is it just a matter of completing a new Initiating Application and then filing and serving it once more. Will the Fed. Magistrate know that these orders supercede the previous orders?
A lot depends on what was wrong with them initially. The SRL group on this site has a whole heap of resource kit information on what is required in various scenarios. It depends if they have accepted the initiating application documents. I assume you went to the counter to lodge, then an officer took the documents to the duty solicitor. It is a pity you didn't ask directly at the time. To amend them will require you to re submit the amendments or if there are many changes a new application is probably appropriate. It sounds like you have already served so yes you will definitely have to serve the amendments once they are stamped at the registry.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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