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Am I too late ?

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appeal court decissions de-facto settelment

In the April 2008 judgement, in favor ofmy ex de-facto, my lawyer was shocked to hear the final decision, outside court he said we will appeal, for two months makes me believe we have time to appeal but in those two months he does not answer my calls; hethen consult with backyard barrister and comes backto tell me i don't have a chance of appeal,and because he doesn't expect to get paid he drops me. (The lawyer got $5,000) (I got a bike and a car trailer, no cash, and no savingsandstraight to Centrelink) (my ex got the sale ofthe house and a good running business that we both help to set-up).

Over a year has passed and Ii have been througha depression, panic attacks, anxieties, no job, no house, living on the streets, and fifty something years old.

My ex and I have AVO on each other. AVOs are tricky, this one was for business purposes but put into the same basket as domestic violence avos, i breached my avo; barrister for ex used avos that way and diminish my hi contributions to the house and the business.

1) do i have a chance to sue my lawyer for negligence? bad representation? duty of care? malpractices?

2) is to late to ask for leave to appeal because of lawyers misguidance on appeal time? Or reasons for depression (doctor's certificates?), lack of money?,business books, beencook?

I have transcripts of court case.
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