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A Useful hint for saving court costs

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I saw a previous post where a member gave some useful advice about that you can access the court file but that the cost of getting photocopies is expensive with the registry charging up to $1.00 per copy.

A useful loophole or hint I found was that you are allowed to scan the material with a scanner. I had a major catch up to do on the court file and so I bought a $50.00 multifunction printer and took it in and connected it to my laptop and scanned the material directly to the hard drive. I paid back the scanner that day. I have been back several times and now have a direct copy of the court file in my computer. When I get home I can print out the relevant documents on my home printer. I do get a few funny loops by the security people when I put the scanner through the x-ray but it is worth it for convenience

Interestingly I have been told I cannot use the multifunction printer to make direct copies (ie scan to print), apparently the rules are that you can only use the Registry photocopier for making copies. I was also told previous that apparently you are not allowed to use a film camera to take pictures of the court file. I guess technology progresses faster than the court can react.

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