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Why is a CoA necessary?

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Did anyone ask themselves this question? If the payee clearly indicates a wrong income on purpose and where CSA doesn't calculate it the way they should and it's obvious to them. That's what happened in our case, where the payee gave CSA an estimate of a 6 month income and CSA decided to use such as for 12 month, not including earnings for other months.
Its a joke. Now we are required to disclose all our financials as the only option is a COA we are told. We do our tax return on time. This is plain rediculous. CSA refuses to investigate her income or adjust to what it should be. There is nothing we can do, apart from a CoA. This should not require a CoA. Just saying.
Yep. In my case the payer has grossly underestimated his income. I am on PPS, studying part time and unable to work currently with 100% care of special needs toddler. Sucks that I have to disclose every expense I have in order to maybe get correct amount. It's also rather scary to see your basic costs laid out like that and to see that there is less then $100 a month left after basics in order to pay for child's medical expenses
So many similarities. I too am at lost how the system only goes for the payee and does not even acknowledge any discrepencies by the payee.

I just found out my ex has $0.00 income as she just quit her job ahead of the FDR. It seems if I have anymore days care of my son she may have to pay me CS. So she quits and estimates 0. CSA just told me 'that's, that."

The double dipping , the "with extreme prejudice" approach by CSA towards the payer and t he total lack of concern for the payees obvious wrong assesment.

Do you notice how the ex's may count the days you have the child inorder to get the most CS and also we must consider at all times they are collecting a child care rebate.  $0.00 income? Rubbish!    
you can object to the estimate lodged by the ex based on the grounds you just stated. You should lodge it in writing as its then recorded. Phone conversations mean nothing at C$A.
we are lodging an objection because then the OP has to justify their estimate. Even if you are unsuccessful, you will make the OP have to account for the estimate
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