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Who resolves an undue CSA debt????

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I would simply like to know who can point me in the right direction. I had a property settlement in which my ex-wife was paid a substantial amount of money & on the basis that any debts between us were eliminated upon her receiving the granted settlement money. One of these debts was with CSA as discussed in the family court 18 months ago. Basically since then, CSA does not want to deduct this debt & have the debt running on their system because the final settlement document from the court only mentioned "any debt between the parties" & not specifying CSA as such. I refuse to gain a lawyer again to resolve this financial issue as I'd rather represent myself. CSA have only given me their financial issues disputes 1800 number which has gotten me nowhere. The court cannot re-issue another final settlement as it was obviously the final document between parties. Please advise me where to go next to resolve this undue CSA debt…Thank you
Basically any CS debt, is a debt to the commonwealth and the commonwealth would very likely spend a fortune (millions) to legally pprotect the debt. However if you could get the court transcripts then you might have some sort of legal standing. I have no doubt that the CSA would be very unlikely to let this go as after all the basic existence of the CSA is really to enforce the "child of separation exploitation tax", which has been named as child support. Basically for $1.00 transferred FTB is reduced by 50c and hence why so many governments throughout the world have introduced CoSET.

What could happen is that the other parent could gift the arrears or simply say that you have paid them. I guess that this might be problematic if the other parent is willing to exploit the child or children for monetary gain. I'm not sure if another remedy could be to consider legal action for what could well be a fraud by the other parent. Again a transcript would be required.

Unfortunately it may be the healthiest option to let the debt go.

Undue CSA debt...

Hi Mike T, thanks for your advice, I will endeavour to locate transcripts from court. I managed last week to know transcripts are in place for when the ex-wife took me to court again after property settlement, to be granted a 3 month holiday in Europe with our 4 young children to my disapprovement. This same time she took me to court for the so called educational holiday, I had put in my application & lead up to this the fact of the ongoing & undue CSA debt. The court on the day said this hearing was only to in the end approve of her 3 month holiday to my disappointment. It would be nice to just let go of the debt, but my new wife & I only live week to week & are expecting our first baby. Whilst the ex-wife is lapping up luxurious overseas holidays (another 2 since Europe, & by herself) & earning an extra couple of hundred per week in interest on property settlement money on top of CSA & welfare payments. There seems to be no fair justice allround…
As this assessment goes back 18 months you can apply to the court to have the assessment changed under section 110 of the Child Support (Assessment) Act. This appears to be your only option.
I wonder if this might be a matter requiring either ministerial or ombudsman intervention.  I would contact both a local MP and the relevant Minister's office (Macklin) followed by Ombudsman before considering court.  
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