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Ok, care and arrears dispute, due to wrong care percentage provided by payee..

Now we appealed to the SSAt. I believe the SSAt has the power to backdate, the arrears and falsely calculated CS received by the parents, due to CSA enforcing collection, right? Otherwise, whats the point of going to the SSAt for arrears. Not talking about to enforce back payment, just generally.

Reason I am asking is, cause CSA told us that SSAt can only backdate 28 days. CSA said, money already paid can't (not even hypothetically) be backdated. Overdue CS due to false care levels are still going to be due. Not talking about enforcement, just about csas wrong informations.

Could someone post the relevant section of the legislation? I've got this correspondence between  me and CSA in writing and would like to complain, if I am correct.
Remember if you are not happy with the SSAT decision you can appeal this decision to the AAT with no restrictions unlike other SSAT decisions to a court.

The care date you are claiming that is wrong in your C$A objection would be the date used in your appeal and thus when child support will be calculated for.

Remember to keep records of all your costs or losses incurred for a claim against C$A via the CDDA scheme. This can include loss of an entitlement like taking leave from work to attend hearing etc… Costs of obtaining evidence. You can even try to claim time lost in filling out paperwork or gaining advice.
Let's say I lodged the objection on the 5th of November, it will be backdated to the 5th of November? Or the SSAT appeal, I lodged on the 2th of febuary? Cause CSA didn't hurry up and granted the ex weeks on top of the 28days…
The arrears only happened due to the incorrect level in care the payee provided without our knowledge, since she provided CSA with incorrect contact details. So if they accept the care level for this period, they obviously gotta credit us the arrears.  
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