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When does there become a cap on my Earnings

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Earnings Cap

Hey can anyone tell me what is the yearly wage when my maintenance stops going up??? My ex is on roughly $46,000 and i was at $100,000…..

  It changes every year, for 2011 it is approx $154000.
It's not a cap on earnings. It is a cap on the combined child support income. That is the ATI of both parents (Adjusted taxable income {often your taxable income but there may be additional amounts e.g.g pre-tax super, net investment losses}), less the SSA (self-support amount which is $20594 for assessments starting in 2011 and is indexed), less any RDCA (Relevant Dependant Child Amount i.e. the cost of the children, as per the cost of children tables for CS children, based upon the CS parents ATI), less any Multi-Case Allowance (this is worked out in a similar fashion to the RDCA).

If you use the Advanced CS calculator, link on the home page, and tick the "Show Calculations" field you will see the SSA, the Cap is 7.5 times the SSA. Using the calculator is one way you can ascertain the cap each year. Alternately you can go to, move the mouse over "Child Support Formula" and then over "Child Support Tables" and finally over the appropriate year. The Cap is the last amount in the first column in each group/section (it will be the same in each section).

The cap like other amounts, the SSA and the income graduation/brackets are all based upon what I term as AMTAWE.

AMTAWE is an annualised version of MTAWE (Male Total Average Weekly Earnings). It's workd out by the ABS. Each January a new value of AMTAWE is used.

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