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I'm getting overpaid

Ok, so I think I'm in a pretty unusual situation - my ex actually pays me more than the CSA dictates he must. I don't know why, but he does. He just puts it in my account, and recently indicated he intended to increase the amount further, by alot. I persuaded him that the money would be better spent elsewhere, it's just too weird, no other separated parent I've spoken to has seen anything like it O_o.

But when I try to get onto the CSA about it, they just don't want to know - everything gets rejected.

First, their estimate of my income is waaaaay low, taken from an old tax return from a year I'd been on maternity leave and only worked part time when I went back (whereas now I'm full-time in a better job). When I tried to get them to update it, they just rejected my submission and told me not to do it again, for at least another 14 months.

Then, when I try to get them to recognise how much I am receiving, they reject that too. What the? If only so they could at least give Centrelink an accurate figure so I don't get overpaid FTB.

It's not like I expect them to force him to stop paying so much, lets face it, that's not the business they're in is it. But shouldn't it at least be noted? It would be if it was the opposite!
I am not sure what sort of submission you are talking about because all you need to do is call the CSA and they will amend your earnings rate. As you are receiving more than the calculators suggest and have a direct payment arrangement I am not sure whay you are even talking to the CSA. Why would the CSA be interested in this case at all ?

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Can you get ex to sign a statement that states that you did not ask for the extra money and that he is giving it as a gift.
Not sure how much merit a statement has but at least the facts are there in writing and signed by him.
Or if he wants to give you extra money give it to you in cash or in a posted money order so your information with the FTB does not change.
If CSA doesn't collect on your behalf I think they just assume you're getting your entitlements or more - and they won't need to know which, as far as they're concerned you don't need them to do anything other than issue assessments. Make sure you let Centrelink/FAO know your correct income and how much CS you are getting and you won't be overpaid by them, so I think you're worrying needlessly. And as long as your ex is aware that you think the assessment is artificially high, then you're doing nothing wrong by him either by accepting the money. Good to hear about someone voluntarily paying more than required - and good that you're reminding him he doesn't have to do so. If only all breakups were that amicable!
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