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October last year the ex asked for CSA collect after giving them an estimate of 0 as her income. We did a CoA and still don't have a response. We objected on her income many times. She earned almost 80k previously. Ex bought a property in November. Caller CSA in January estimating her income as 15.000. Alone July-October 11 would have added up to 22k. We sent plenty of emails to CSA and requesting them to change this to 36.000 until the CoA is through and if rejected to leave it at 36k while we are appealing to the SSAt. Her income from January til July 12 might be 15k but they should either calculate on a yearly income as outlined in the guide or use those month last year where she was working for their estimate. They have all her tax returns and in fact she only was unemployed for 3 months by choice. Still they only use 15k as for the whole financial year. If we would ring up in November and say DHs income is 0 and call January to give them an estimate of 30k for 6 months, do they use it as a yearly income also?

Anyway, I wanted to know, while waiting for the CoA, what I can do? CSA isn't responding on our requests and even says that they have no records of when she put in her estimates. They also have no employer details of her. They keep telling us there is nothing we can do even though the mistake is obvious. We get no written response from CSA on this either. All they say is: it's the estimate she gave us. Yes, for 6 month! They should see it doesn't ad up.
I'm guessing she is the payee?

You need hard evidence of her employment and then go through the channels to have it used for assessment purposes.
Will be hard to find evidence and the evidence wouldn't show what is already obvious regarding income. CSA has all the details for income from July-oct 2011(22k) and she estimated 15k for January-July…yes she is the Payee of course :-/
What does she do for a living?
Not sure what she does now, but she used to be a manager assistant in a big hotel. She lives in a tourist area. Has qualifications in managment and a tafe diPloma to be able to work outside the tourist and hospitality industry, which she did 4 Years ago also. She wanted tO reduce hours to spend time with the kids which are teens, to pick them up from school and drop them off to after school activities, which is bullish… Since she changed their schools to a local school and canceled most activities along with reducing costs for the children overall. It's a joke, CS is way above then what's spend on the kids.
Finding out what an assistant manager of a big hotel could earn should not be hard if you were do some research.

With her being the payee C$A don't make any money out of reducing the liability in a change of assessment process. One of their collection mentalities is to increase the liability so the gov can save $$$ on family benefits which helps to fund the C$A.

I wonder if our C$A guide guru Mike T knows of any written policy regarding how the C$A will treat income estimates and reconciliations of payers and payees. I know in my experience C$A are silent when it comes to claims from the payer regarding payees employment activities and earning capacity which does seem very unfair.
I gathered. He capacity is at least above 75k, which can be taken from her last 2 tax returns. What she really earns is at least above 36k currently. But no, CSA accepts 15k despite all the facts, cause she says so. She lied many times to CSA and they know it.
It's certainly unfair, cause I know when my husbands wage reduces in a few months due to new employment, surely they will not accept such income change.
Maybe challenge C$A to justify why they will not review the ex's income. Make sure you deal with them in writing on all issues. The phone can get very messy and there is no real record of your dealings with them.
Apparently we do need to do a coa… But it's their mistake, why should we have to open up everything all our finances cause they have got it wrong? This shouldn't require a CoA.

Using the Child Support Guide | Child Support Guide

That's the link to their guide, which explains how to calculate part year estimates. A part year estimate of 15k for 6 month isn't 15k annually obviously…
sm10, it sounds like you object to a COA because this situation is about payee's earning capacity, so why do you need to disclose all your financials?

From experience, CSA will accept the COA application if it at least has the basic info, like the income (put in same as on last tax return) and may be the odd obvious expense that you have. No need actually to go into too much detail like how much you spend on dog food every month.

Keep it brief and see how you go. Worked for us last year….(we literally only put the annual income in and one expense and they processed the application).

         you don't need to go through COA. A parent is allowed to submit an income estimate and if that then turns out to be wrong (if not corrected by subsequent adjustments) then at the end of the year adjustments would be made and perhaps even a fine imposed. It's just a little unusual that it's a recipient submitting an income estimate. I have little doubt that you'd have a very good chance of coming off far worse, being that you're the liable parent, if you go through COA. Obviously if there is an overpayment when reconciliation takes place you should not be cajoled into gifting that overpayment.

In short you can wait for correction through reconciliation or take the precarious COA step to perhaps get what I believe would be a slim chance of correction. That is unless you can convince the registrar that the other parent's income estimate is not correct as per section 60(1)(b)(ii), although I believe that this latter option has passed.

Perhaps have a look at the guide under 2.5.1: Income estimates for a year of income
Babushka they are after every single detail uP to pay slips and so on. Our issue is certain things which are non of her business.

MikeT, it's just a shame how they operate. I looked into this section and I know I am right and it actually explains how CSA is supposed to calculate monthly lability with a part year estimate. It's not her giving CSA the wrong information in my opinion, it's CSA not applying it correctly.
sm10 said
Babushka they are after every single detail uP to pay slips and so on. Our issue is certain things which are non of her business.

sm10, they wanted our payslips as well, but we kept procrastinating and never sent them. May be in our case they were not that important and they just forgot about them. Not sure.
Well we won't send anything, just talked to them and they actually said I am right regarding them calculating the income incorrectly. But the case officer needs to call me back, objection is on the way and they started investigating her income!

Be ready for a counter claim

When I submitted by own COA about my ex's earning the Senior Case officer rang me & advised that it is very intrusive to all parties & was I sure I wanted to proceed? I was sure so ahead we went.

My ex then submitted a "counter claim" & at that time I was required to submit my own details & financial info (but not those of my partner) to respond to her counter claim.

In your case be prepared to offer up this info if asked. If you've been upfront & honest in your COA (and I don't doubt that you have) then you have nothing to fear except that feeling your gut of giving personal financial details to your ex.

Also be extra mindful of keeping your details & your partners very separate as for the most part CSA has no claim/rights over your partners info.

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant."

MikeT was correct.. CoA would not have been required… you needed to lodged a formal objection, in wriging to the acceptance of the estimate of her income…  it was noted in the threads that CSA accpeted her estimate incorrctly… CSA is obligated by law to accept an estimate unless factual info is available to oppose it.. an objection would have meant that CSA would have gone to her employer to check the details, or previous eomployer etc… estimate reconcilatoon will occur when ATO lodgement occurs or CSA has her income details available relvant to the same period…

keep in mind that if u require a COA, you ARE NOT required to sumbit all of your personal details, this porcess was amended recently…

MikeT has missed the mark in regards to advising that if u proceed with a COA u would be worse off as the liable parent. if a parent is the paying parent or receiving parent is not relvant under law…..

MikeT has also missed the mark in assuming that u would need o convince CSA that the estimate is incorrect. If you were to object to the acceptance o the estimate of her income in writin, requesting an extension of time, if granted (extension of time) the objection process would not place any burdon of prrof on either paret. this is still an adminstrative decision, & as such there is not such burdon of proof. CSA will atempt tp get the details from her or her emplyer.. this is a 6o process from the point your xtension of time would be granted (if granted).. so this would also take u up to the end of the financial year… is she lodges on time that is.. objecting, if u hav not done so already, couldbe the prehferred option…

…. but

MikeT said
… or take the precarious COA step to perhaps get what I believe would be a slim chance of correction.

I would be very interested in the outcome of your situation. We objected to an income estimate and are told it will take them 60 days to process.

We decided if the objection is not successful, to wait for tax time when it will all come out in the wash.

What was the reason given to C$A for the sudden reduction in the ex's income? Generally they only accept medical certifcates. (MikeT-correct me if im wrong)

We also dont wish to provide the OP with our personal expenses as I am the substanial earner in our house and my partner is the C$A victim. I contribute substanially to the childrens lifestyle (which is my choice-even though they are not mine) beacause my partner is unable to provide this for them due to the C$A being paid.
No reason she just quit her job cause she didnt like it anymore. I am gonna wait until the objection is through and take it from there...
Jeepers. The C$A is in need of some sort of parliamentary royal commission if not then a criminal trial with them as the defendant. I have put in an objection to my ex trying everything in the book to try to rip me off and double dip. The C$A objection case officer got back to me questioning my bank statements he said. " how do we know those payments aren't money you owe her from a debt?" I said since when does an ex in hostilities due to the mothers actions pay any money at all except CS. The objection officer then said " I have to have some remorse for my ex since soon she may be paying me CS after my FDR.  I then said I want you to investigate the fact that my ex, with all these subjects arising suddenly give an estimate of 0 income. Again they said "you may have to wait months for her to either apply for unemployment or tax return." I then asked why do I have to be the one to prove everything and she just gets your sympathy.. He said "we strive to be non bias."

What a joke. I can't wait for the day that we all rise up to parliament and state the severely flawed C$A.

I'm thinking of reviving the Black shirts and stand out the front of parliaments..Sorry emotions are getting to me.
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