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What are legitimate deductions in CS?

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Does anyone know what the legitimate CS deductions are?

As a payer I have no deductions but my ex has thousands of dollars worth.

Is there an amount in the payees income that is a cut off? Say $39k or so?

Would love to hear your views.
I'm not sure what you mean by "deductions". Child support is calculated on your taxable income.

There are legal ways to reduce your taxable income, and this depends on your type of work.

A payer can also make non-agency payments, which reduces child support.

You may need to clarify your question for better responses.

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Hi Artemis.

I'm not looking to reduce my income.

My ex has thousands of $$$ on reductions and I was wondering if there was any legitimate deductions, for example super contribution.

Someone in another forum mentioned negative gearing shares.

I'm confused as to what is ligitimate and what is not. For example my ex taxable income was $45k yet CS only uses $33k for CSA. She works part time. why the reduction.

Are they trying to minimise her income so she recieves more CS payment. It seem unfair and CS has no comment re this issue.

Please shed some light. Thank you.
G'day macuser76

First I am not a financial adviser nor do I play on on Television

Perhaps is it a financial adviser who you should speak to. Depending on your employment, there are a number of legal deductions you can take for example, If you go to school and there is a direct relationships between your the course and current job than that amount becomes a deduction. The cost of text books and equipment can also count. Logo work shirts could be a deduction. Again it is a financial adviser that you want to speak to and one that understand what is happening with the C$A.

You stated something about super, the C$A could always add that back and I think as of next year they will be able to do it automaticallyvia information they will receive via the ATO without having to do a COA. From what I understand, they always had the right to do that, but now they will put in a process that will make it easy to do so.

I can understand where you are coming from. I make about 55K and my ex is on welfare and wont let me have access to the boys thus she get max c$. So I have I pay about 340 a fortnight, if we are both to share in the cost of the children, where is her share?
The only thing currently added back in is negative geared rental property losses.  Open slather on the rest hence my thoughts on a negative geared share portfolio.  Also, while CSA have convinced Ludwig 'tis a good idea to add back in salary sacrifice from 1 July 09 ( and for them to receive a pile of additional funding to implement) I hear on the grape vine they will not get it done because the tax office doesn't collect the info.    
Hi and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond. My x has been awarded a $12k deduction on her taxable income, although I understand that there legitimate tax deductions why would CSA use the lesser amount and not her actual income of $45k? This is what I don't understand and CSA refuses to discuss with me. I would like some light into why her deductions are ignored and mine are added back on for assessment purposes.
I noticed Samantha Palmer's (CSA big wig) posting about salary sacrifice and what to do.  Seems that the process she outlines only applies for payees who think they have been shortchanged.  Payers are just told they are being mischevious and ignored if they raise it as a reason their asessmnet is wrong. And I can prove it!     
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