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child support estimate.

I am hoping some1 here can help me?

My ex husband has over the last years avoided as best he can paying for the upbringing of our children. There is a big debt that he owes myself and his children. Without giving too much information on our case, he has now lodged with csa an estimate for the next sisx years of a $0.00 income??????   They have to now consider that he pays the minimal of whatever it is $150 yr per child ? they have done there checks and he is not registered for the dole, pension, disability pension or carer pension!!!!!!!

I now am truelly sucked into a whole?  How caqn this happen????   How can he even pay this with no estimated income or centrelink payment??

Please just after help guidance and support over what I can do!
With regard to the income estimates, I believe 6 years is not possible. I think 18 months is the maximum (to the end of the child support period).

With regard to the amount the CSA have to be satisfied that it is correct.

Check out the CSA Guide for more in-depth details. Link to section 2.5.1

If a parent reports a taxable income less than the standard maximum parenting payment single ($13980) and is not on income support then a fixed assessment comes into play. This, for 2009, is $1178 per annum ($22.65 per week), per child for up to 3 children. However if the parent can show that they genuinely have a low income, then they can apply for the fixed assessment to not apply. My guess is that in the current climate there might be many such applications.

Again the guide has greater detail. Link to section 2.4.11
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