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As BM gave CSA wrong informations on the level of care and her income, they sent dh a letter that he owes her areas of 1600 for the last 3 months. She claimed he underpaid. She just applied for CSA collect a few weeks ago with those faulty information on her level of care. We put in an objection on the level of care, providing evidence and a coa for her income. Will they waive the debt or do we stil have to pay the areas, even though the assessment was wrong for starters?

Also, what happens with travel costs and care? She will deny contact unless we pay the full airfares, like we currently pay all airfaires but had a mutual agreement 1000 lower then the faulty assessment. If calculated correctly we pay 200 under the correct estimate at the moment, but pay the full 400 airfaires after she moved and private health. So what happens with the travel costs via CSA collect. Shouldn't she pay half? Is there any way to enforce this? It's only court or mediation isn't it?
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