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CS assesment at EOFY

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Hi all,
I have a query around Child Support I pay. The other parent started the last year (from July) with an assessable income of approx. $85k. Then in October the other parent told CSA she was out of work and earning no money, therefore there was a change of assessment where it was calculated with a Zero income for her, significantly increasing the CS payments I was making. Move forward to the last couple of weeks where there was a tax return lodged by the other parent for last year where the other parent's Gross Taxable income for the year was $85k. My income/ salary has not changed through the last year.

CSA told me that there was no requirement for them to reassess the child support payed last year, it appears to me I overpayed for the full year based on the majority of the year payments calculated at zero income for the other parent, however they still earned $85k for the year.

Have I been told the right information by CSA?
Are you on facebook? if so post the question on a group called "
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