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Stay Orders with CSA

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Stay Order and CSA Collection

Hi all :)I am new here and hoping someone is keen to share information.
My son decided to move to live with his dad interstate 9 months ago. Naturally I am paying Child Support.
My son attends TAFE part-time, school part-time (Yr 12, 1 subject) and works casually earning quite good money for his age.
A few months ago I discovered my ex charges him rent plus gets him to pay his own TAFE bills and other living expenses.
The Child Support I pay does not filter through to my son.  I also send a food box delivered twice per month as my son often complains of being hungry.
I submitted a Special Circumstances Application under Reason 4 as my son is currently earning greater than $350
net per week. Does anyone know if the income he earns is taken annually or week to week? I also included in that Application Reason 8A as my ex does not declare all his income and assets.
In the meantime I applied to the Courts for a Stay Order to prevent the CSA from collecting monies from my employer until a review could be carried out by the CSA.
I am a Self Represented Litigant.  The Magistrate ruled that a Stay Order be in place and the proceedings be adjourned until Nov 6th for monitoring, pending the determination of the departure application.
I received the Stay Order from the Court
 in the mail on Tuesday 4th July and faxed it Urgently to CSA on the next day. CSA collected money from my Employer on the 5th so I'm guessing the Stay Order didn't reach them in time.
In a conversation with my Case Officer on Friday 30th……..she said she would be ruling on my Application on Monday July 3rd. I've not heard anything since.
My question is would the Stay Order stop all collections until CSA have notified me in writing of their decision? Or can they just keep going ahead collecting money from my employer?
My further question is if I disagree with their decision what is the next step ? Will the Stay Order be effective during the next step?
Thankyou………any feedback is much appreciated.:) 
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