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Is it worth telling CSA or Centrelink that x-wife has a boarder

My x-wife has moved to a unit she cannot afford.
So now she, her sister and my 2 children live in the main bedroom (2 sets of double bunks) so she can rent the other room.
I'm disappointed that the children have to live like this but it is typical of her approach to life.

Should this additional income be reducing the amount of CS I am compelled to pay ?

Which department is interested in her supplemental income stream.
Is there anything to be gained beside ill-will if I start asking CSA why my assessment has not been adjusted.

If she has income from a border then it should be declared to centrelink. Income from boarders can be considered income by centrelink, depends on the circumstances as to what might happen. If they are sharing the unit & the border is paying part of the rent then her rent assistance by rights should drop.

You could call up centrelink and just let them know. Don't know about CSA specifically. However, If centrelink were to consider it income, then so should CSA.
Only one way to find Centre Link. or you can do it anonymously on the website in the "report a fraud" area.
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