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Uni students need support too

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Newbie wonders where to turn when ex says he won't support kids uni studies.

For 9 years I thought ex and I had a fair and amicable relationship. But when our older child was one semester into uni and almost 18, ex announced we were on our own. That he was going to withdraw support. I have a 16 year old with uni plans too, but now all is in doubt. Kids and I are upset. The father encouraged both to go to uni and it never occurred to us he wouldn't support that.

But not only will he not support that, he is angry with us not agreeing it was a fair and reasonable decision on his part. He badgers us into agreeing with him that he is right to do this.

He is angry with us for not being agreeable and is preventing my 16 year old from seeing her younger half-brother. Furthermore, he has underpaid us from 2002 (due to his honest mistake and my not recognising his mistake earlier) but will only pay part of what he owes us.

So he is withholding money from us, is angry with us and preventing contact with sibling, and refusing to pay more even 1/2 child support debt. This is all out of the blue and I am shocked, offended, defensive and confused. I don't know what to do. How do I protect the interests of my children?
You can obtain payments while the children are at Uni.

Section 66L(1) and (2) allow you to seek adult child maintenance.

Your reason will be for the child to complete his/her education.

It should be noted that this applies to any form of education, such as pilot training.

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Obtaining Child Support for Uni

It requires a court order to obtain Child Support for Tertiary education, and must be done through the court.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
Just further to oneadadc the Federal Magistrates Court is the place to lodge an application for the older child. In respect to incorrect payments since 2002 the CSA can collect some of that arrears but not all of it. You will need to raise a COA (Change of assessment).

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