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Unfair Child support!

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I have 2 children to 2 former partners….We all make mistakes!!
Recently, the CSA has commenced taking payments directly from my wage. I also had some arrears, so they are taking extra $ for that too!!
What this means now, is that, when you add income tax, my extra tax for repayment of a HECS debt and then child support….62% of my pay is gone before I even see it!!
From the dismal amount that is left, I then have to pay rent, pay bills, living expenses and also spend about $150 every fortnight to see my daughter!!
How is this fair?? I worked 104 hours last fortnight, and only had a net pay of $1500!! That is less than 15 bucks an hour!!
I worked hard to put myself through uni (again) for 4 years and no one helped me….Why should my ex partners benefit from my hard work???
Surely a fairer system would be to base my payments on what I was earning whilst we were together with an adjustment for CPI.
The current system seems to encourage the payer to not earn! Why would I do extra hours when most of it is gone elsewhere?!!
You are correct "why would you do extra hours when most of it is gone elsewhere?

I think you need to decide what quality of life you would like to have and then seek good financial advice on how to achieve it.

You might need to make a complete change to your lifestyle, occupation, finances etc…

Unfair Child support!

HTholden I couldn't agree with you more,

I find it absolutely disgusting that as a father of 2 children myself, that if I hold a particular role within a company and I pay sustantial CS for my kids and they live a comfortable life wanting for nothing and my CS per month is more than what a 4 & 7 year old would cost my Ex in living and care expenses, that should I then go out, knowing my kids are comfortable and try and better myself in the workforce, increase my quality of life, try and attain a higher position or try and earn more, that I get penalised for those things by having to hand over more of my hard earned money to my Ex.

Some would say that its your kids that benefit but I say this….My children are very well looked after and cared for between my Ex and I but I have had to start from scratch after the seperation, she got the house, car, kids, dog, everything when she left and I've had to build myself a new life from the ground up with nothing, where she was given everything on a silver platter, my life changed the moment I lost my children and it upsets me that everytime I try and move on to better myself and start a new life, that CSA are there trying to drag me down at every opportunity to see how much more money they can bleed from me using the timeless motto "For you Children".

Ask yourself this hypothetical question…If the CSA(Government) says your 2 children are living comfortable when you earn $100k a year and say pay $1000 a month in CS, how can they then say, if you go out and get a better paying job a week later that pays you $200k a year, your children are now doing it tough, you must now pay $2000 a month??..Where is the reasoning or the common sense behind that?

Also it raises the very serious question of who in the hell is behind thinking these rules up!…haha
I totally agree with you mate! I put myself through uni (again) many years after separation….I had no help from my ex's…yet now they reap the benefits of my newly increased income that I (and I alone) worked hard and studied to achieve!! This cannot be an equitable situation. My first ex has not worked one day in 14 years according to her taxable income and now I have to pay her even more child support!!
What frustrates me, is that my second child lives about an hour away from me…I pay child support, then drive to see her and her 2 step-siblings each fortnight…The cost of this including food, petrol etc is usually $150…That is on top of my child support!! I questioed CSA about this and they said they really couldnt (or wouldnt) do anything about it!!
Hi HTHolden,  The first question I have is, did CSA unilaterally decide to take the money from your bank account without talking to you first to come to some sort of agreement on how much you could pay, or did they just do it.   
Nah mate, they take it from my pay, not my account. I was given an amount that they would take for the overdues.
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