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The travel costs for my husbands children are well above 5 percent. How and where do we apply for a deduction? Which income will be used? Her new income is nil and his has changed also to slightly higher. Do we have to give a break down on financials?
You apply through the child support agency which may in turn reduce the amount of child support that is paid to the payee. As it is done on a case by case basis (well according to CSA), don't expect much detail over the phone. The last time we made enquiries, they said put the application in and we will see. We didn't, so can't give you any specifics. They did require a fair bit of information, and at that time, weren't really fussed on what may happen, but what the actual expenditures had already been incurred.
Another question is, how is this calculated. I thought it's devided by thd days we actually have the kids but CSA says it's simply 5 percent of the whole income. Why is the payer the one who should pay if the payee moved away?
Yep, CSA are right - 5% of your CS assessible income and unless there are crt orders or an amicable agreement to the contrary, the non-resident parent has to pay for their exercise of choice to see their children.
We put in a COA based on reason 1 expenses of seeing the children. Although the CSA noted my OH's expenses were over 5%, we didn't get it because she claimed her 'nanny' costs were 5% of her income.

She had no proof of how much she paid for the nanny, yet we had to prove ( by way of plane tickets) my OH's costs. As the 'nanny' has now gone and the kids are caring for themselves, while she works, we are going to try again.

I don't know how they calculate travel expenses if granted but know it doesn't work out to be much of a reduction. I know someone who only got $500 per year, taken of their assessment for travel expenses.
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