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Hi everyone.

Don't know if anyone remembers, me but I did accept all the information given to me. I wish you all luck with your problems and I truly understand that whatever your problems are, big or small, don,t be afraid to share them on this or any website as you could possibly get some great information and support.

Well not only now am I in debt to my family and my wife. I am still in debt to the C$A! But that's OK because their decision says that she is desperate for money!

Can't let the children down. So I borrowed all the money and gave it to ex, so at least the children and ex are happy! That's what the fairer systyem is about guys isnt it?! Keep with it guys, don't let CSA down.

Well done everyone! At least everyone else is happy.

Hi Paddy.

I read your story and it's good to see you have reconciled the situation with yourself.

Remember though that you no less important than anyone else in the equation, regardless of what a Government department might insist.

Good luck.

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