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taxable income and CSA calculations

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I paid many thousands in child support last financial year and am now completing my tax return which will no doubt result in CSA recalculating the amount of child support I have to pay this financial year. My question is regarding Adjusted Taxable Income, who works this figure out? My understanding of this process is that :

I prepare my 2008/2009 tax return which results in the ATO returning my 2008/2009 taxable income figure to CSA.
CSA then take into account the amount of child support (child maintenance expenditure) I paid last financial year and deduct it from my 2008/2009 taxable income.
CSA are then left with my Adjusted Taxable Income (ATI) which they then use to calculate how much child support I have to pay this financial year.

Have I got this right? I cannot find any answers online as to WHO actually does the ATI calculation with regard to Child Maintenance Expenditure. There did not seem to be any questions in the ATO tax return asking me for the amount of child support I paid in the last financial year. So I am guessing that this ATI calculation is done by CSA when they receive your tax return info, and if so do they show the actual calculations they have made (so that you can double check their calculations!!)

If anyone has info on this…..Thanks in advance

ATI (Adjusted taxable income) is your income as per your tax return plus some other amounts, Gross Reportable Fringe Benefits amount, Target foreign income, Net rental losses (now Net Investment losses), some tax free pensions or benefits (disability support pension, wifes pension, carer payments, invalidity service pension, partner service pension, Income Support Supplement and Defence Force Income Support Supplement). Also it will now include voluntary pre-tax super contributions.

I don't think that they take into consideration CS payments made in the previous year as a deduction.

Most people would simply take their ATI to be the amount on the tax return. Some, from next year, would add any pre-tax super amounts paid this year. Some may then have to have adjustments made as per the above items.

P.S. you may be interested in the CS Calculators available on this site. The advanced Calculator has some pretty comprehensive help (move the mouse over the ? in a circle), especially if you tick the show calculations box, as this then displays information about the underlying calculations and also help about the values. The advanced calculator can handle all calculations, even the ones that the CSA's estimator cannot.
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