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My ex appealed to CSA for a COA and won. This was partly my fault as my accountant had not fininshed my financials in time for the set date. My ex in her wisdom has decided to appeal to SSAT beacause she wants 3 years back pay which CSA refused. My financial are in and I will have a decent return. I will be submiting the figures to CSA to justify my original payments and reduce considerably the amount owed. Will CSA steal the Tax return for the fugure owed as of today? And will they pay the money back to me when my figures are adjusted?
As soon as your tax return is lodged with the ATO, the CSA finds out and they can (will) collect any arears owing at that time. It happened to me last year. I lodged my tax return, CSA called me saying they were increasing my ATI for the last financial year which gave me an instant arrears of a couple of thousand then intercepted my tax return. I lodged a COA and managed to reduce it, but it the intercepted tax return simply got credited... So to apply my experience to your situation, yes and no... Better to not submit your tax return until SSAT appeal is completed.
If C$A refused to collect back 3 yrs then the SSAT can't do any better. The ex may be able to take you to court instead for enforcement which is not a bad situation as you would have the opportunity to defend yourself and a court is more reasonable in how it interprets the law and don't have the "screw the payer attitude".
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