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Superannuation / Swedish Pension Insurance assessable as income for CSA

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Just received a decision re x wifes appliaction for change of assessment.

In 2004 we made a financial/property order by consent. Part of this was that she got 2 properties, I got one + I kept all my super in Sweden.

Due to limited income ($12.000/year) I decided to not postpone one of my super/pension insurances that was possible to get paid out over 5 years. ($30.000/Year).

They also increased my income from my company with things such as depreciation, car expenses and profit to a total income of $24.000.

Is it fair to once again include my superannuation, so she actually get a doubble dip of my assets???

I have seen something about:(Carey and Carey (1994) FLC 92-489), but I can't find the case.

Please help

If you had a fair settlement where you both could easily live and provide for your son without too much hardship then it is not fair for the double dipping to occur.

However as you probably have less care than the other parent I'm guessing they have cited extraordinary costs to maintain your son, for example private school fees, that might justify such actions.
Thanks Fairgo,
I suppose you read my posts in the other forum?
She has 60% care. She got a very good settlement ( I thought that this was to be used for our sons education etc.??)
I know better now.
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