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Hi, I have a question regarding super contributions.

Say I am an employee of a company and they pay me a salary of $55000 annually. How much Super can be contributed each financial year with out CSA claiming it as income, and therefore increasing my annual income ?


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Only salary that is salary sacrificed to super is used by C$A and FAO to work out your child support or Family Assistance income, and not the super guarantee or any extra $$ your employer wishes to to put into your super.
post tax super contribution are included by definition as well.
Post tax contributions do not lower one's taxable income so will not be picked up automatically by the C$A or FAO.

You are probably referring to self employed people who can claim a deduction for post tax contributions to a super fund.

Additional to what I said above I think they would only pick this up if going through a Change of Assessment Application.
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