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suggestions for tax accountant - Brisbane

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not sure if this is the right area to ask?


Im not sure if this is the right area on here to ask but we have just relocated to brisbane and need help in finding a good accountant who can do hubbys/my tax.  I have my own business and hubby is setting up his own so its a bit more complicated then usual.

Yes we pay cs, currently 1200p/m, and yes it will probably rise yet again. Im not here to whinge about the basic needs of the child to which cs is supposed to cover (clearly doesnt) but we do need to find a tax person who fully understands the cs part.  Previous years we used an older man who thought cs was a load of rubbish (I know I know, he was old school and thought parents shouldnt break up - ahh we never told him chilc how child came to be in this world or he might have had a heart attack!)

So does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable accountant?  Its very hard using google, especially when this is such an important part of life and one we cant afford to get wrong.

thanks for any suggestions.
The financial implications of Child Support are similar to working out Family Tax Benefits. You have to work out your taxable income and be aware that certain types of loses such as rental losses or salary sacrifice to super etc… will be added back to determine your adjusted income for Child Support and Family Tax Benefits purposes.

As you both are running businesses you need to be careful who you disclose your financial details to. A good way to stop C$A from having open access to your details is to lodge tax returns yourself instead of getting your accountant to do it and make sure any business or company registrations are registered to your home address and not your accountant's. This is in case the ex (who have majority care) decides that they are poorer than you and mounts a case against you through a reason 8 change of assessment process to get the child support payable increased.

C$A like to take people with their own businesses to town as they think because their taxable income is low they are hiding income and living personally off their business. So if you are financially better off that the ex then don't show it.
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