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Stimulus Package Payments - CSA Income

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Does anyone know if parents in receipt of any of the Governments already given (Dec 08) and proposed 2009 payments will have their CSA Assessed income automatically adjusted to ensure that payers are not disadvantaged and their payments are reduced accordingly for this year? This could be done via the ATO I would imagine.

i.e. my husband's ex (if all payments due are legislated and received) will have received $5,400 in total even though my hubby has 43% shared care of his children. Or is it again his issue to have to apply to CSA for a change of assessment and wait over 6 months for an outcome. We are just over the income threshold so we can't receive FTB A or B and thus are classed not to warrant a helping hand even though we have 2 children of our own.

It seems very unjust on the surface. Any clarification by CSA contributors gratefully received.

I'm sorry to say since this the Bonus are tax free than the answers is No.  As far as the Payee goes it is free money to them. 

The Centrelink site says the following for the

Single Income Family Bonus and Back to School Bonus

The normal rules that apply to the sharing of Family Tax Benefit Part A will apply to the bonus. That is, where there is shared care, the bonus will also be shared.  If your over the income for the FTB PartA/B then it may have the same problem with this bonus.

I hope this helps

Ho Ho Ho

I look forward to the receipt telling me my lying ex is $950 richer at my children's expense .

At least it will come off the illegal C$A bill I get regularly sent by the computer.
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