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SSAT use wrong income?

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year used to determine child support

SSAT recent decision used payers 2010 income to determine child support for 2008/2009 year.

CSA legislation states they use parents previous years income to determine cs payments.

The payers 2008 income never been corrected. The payers 2009 income never been corrected.

SSAT used payers 2010 income for the 2009 year.

Why would this happen ? Can someone provide some wisdom ?

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Guest said
The payers 2008 income never been corrected. The payers 2009 income never been corrected.

SSAT used payers 2010 income for the 2009 year.
What do you mean by The payers 2008 income never been corrected. Was there a tax return filed in those years by the payee and payer? Was there an estimated income amount provided to CSA in the 2008 year? How long has the CSA case been running? Is this part of  COA? That has gone to objection and then to SSAT? What was the outcome and actual response from CSA in the objection response, that prompted you to take this to SSAT?

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2008 income

Last year August 2009 I recieved a new assessment from CSA based on payers 2008 taxable income of approx.$11,000. I rang CSA they said to do COA. I did not believe the payers income was $11,000.

The payer objected to a decision made by SCO and then it went to objections officer. Then to SSAT.

CSA state they can not do anything.CSA say that they have now power over decisions made by SSAT.

CSA legislation states they use previous years income to equate child support. I really don't understand .

During the COA I found out that the payer is self employed and has other business interests. He has been on fixed assessments for several years.

The payers 2009 taxation had not been prepared at SSAT hearing although he did supply them with profit and loss statements. The SSAT established his 2009 income to be approx.$30,000 but they have used his 2010 income which had not been a full financial year as his 2009 income.

I have pointed out this fact to the CSA. I have pointed this out to SSAT complaints they said they will not review my case and I need to basically go to court.
If you are not getting enough money for a child or children you can always give them to the other parent for more time and then you will not need the money to care for them.

reply to kaliminadancer

I have 100% care of my son. The other parent neglects their child.

My question was if legislation states CSA to use previous years income for the purposes to equate child support, why then have the SSAT skipped a year of this person income.
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