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SSAT - Oath and Affirmations

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Hi  I attended a SSAT hearing via phone recently and the other party was present in the hearing room.  I was asking questions regarding the financial information presented  by the other party.  In particular I asked him directly 'was he absolutely clear that all his income was disclosed…not an additional $12k car allowance?"  The Presiding Member at that point, interupted and said that the parties had undertaken an affirmation as to their evidence.

This process did not occur.  At no point at the begining of the hearing did I hear him or I affirmed that the information we were providing was the truth.  Further, the other party lied through his teeth.

If the SSAT decision goes belly up, in the event of a further appeal, would the absence of affirmation by the parties and evidence that he knowling lied to misled the Tribunal be of consequence?
The form entitled "Statement of Financial Circumstances (Child Support Appeals)" on page 1 has a declaration that is signed. i.e. "I declare that the information on this form is complete and correct.".
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