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I instigated SSAT process.

At my pre-hearing phone meeting, whereas I was told that there were three (3) points in my argument, (school fees, capability for ex to work and support of partner), this was all I could discuss at hearing.

In the ex's breakdown of costs, she included everything and I mean everything down to liquid hand soap and hairbands!

She also included all extra curricular activities and uniforms, solicitors, psychologist and tutoring costs. And only submitted solicitors costs invoice as evidence.

Ex said the 3 children costs were - nippers x3, rugby league x2, soccer x1, swimming lessons x3, dancing x1, jujitsu x1, touch football x2, plus uniforms (all of which are last years and still fit, well rugby and soccer are the only one's I see, if not last years they are hand-me-downs)….they ONLY do rugby league x2, and soccer x1…ALL of which the new boyfriend paid for.

The ex does not pay for any of the above nor did she have to substantiate anything and was all taken into account by SSAT.

None of which pertained to the 3 points of my argument.

Ex is working full-time on a 6 month contract, work she procured herself.

I had a representative who was to talk on my behalf, that's my understanding of a representative, however they only would to speak to my representative after they thoroughly questioned me.

SSAT said that they don't look into the finer details of breakdown of cost, however made their decision saying that I am to pay half of gross school fees, due to my ex's high costs…AND even after she had verbally told them she was claiming and receiving hardship, (because there was no evidence before them of hardship)

SSAT mentioned the three (3) CSA points in her capacity to work, were not satisfied, however notes she has chosen to work, nothing changed regarding CS.

SSAT added my TAX FREE car allowance into my taxable income.

SSAT added my tax deductions back into my taxable income.

SSAT increased my taxable income by $5000 and did not include ex's income.

I had no chance to refute ex's costs nor did they ask for evidence of her costs, she did the same through CSA processes, put them in something then took them out, and I am to pay half.

Not once, since separation, has she approached me to talk about cost and work out, she just goes to CSA, with no evidence, and they make me pay half…AND I look like the bad parent.

I now know that C$A and $$AT are entities of their own and can do as they please….and seemingly female oriented.

I found out by accident my children are attending a child psychologist….met with her and she says they need to spend more time with father…no surprises here.

I am now in process through Relationships Australia to get 50% access.

Ex declined their invitation to attend, they sent me certificate, and now ex has 'changed her mind' and wants to attend…………..

Has anyone had a child psychologist involved…? Can you call on them in a court of law for evidence…?

How old are the kids and what care do you have now?

What is your relationship status?

And what jobs do you both do?

This info might shed further light on your situation.

Accidently put this in new topic, so is in forum twice…

Children 9,8 & 6 yrs old…boy, girl, boy

Married with 2 more children 2 yrs and 4mths old. (chose not to go to court due to pregnancies and stress)

Consent Orders - I have every 2nd weekend (5pm Fri - 5pm Sun) and half of all school holidays. Signed Jun 2006. I have missed only one weekend due to wedding in country (in bridal party), and asked ex to swap weekends, ex would not.

I work full time with flexibility, ex works when she feels like it. However, ex has taken on a 6mth contract working Mon-Fri 9-3pm at a school. Will not let me have them before school as she drops at earliest time 8.20am, so ex can get to work on time, and will not let me pick up from school (Fri on my 2nd weekend, an extra 2 hrs), however, ex has her sister and mother pick up children from school as she can't get there in time from her work.

We live 5mins from each other and school.

We had a financial agreement until Aug 09, with me paying more than double CS.

Ex tried to get CSA to make me continue large amount, plus extras.

Ex has not and will not allow me any more time with children always says 'stick to court orders'.

Ex would not let me have children for my mothers birthday dinner, ex says 'plan events in your time'

Children are asking to spend more time with me.

Child psychologist said ex will fight me for every second she has to give up of children's time.

Wanting to know when we go to court, and it will go to court (ex is only attending Relationships Aust because she will look bad for her if she doesn't go, she's declined twice now), can the notes from the psychologist be called upon…?

Will look more into SRL site as well.
Yes look into the SRL site as you will need to justify to the court why you want to change orders and you will find what advice you need from the SRL's.

I would say that your claim would focus on being involved with the kids education and suggest now that there is nothing to stop you from being involved during school hours if you have flexibility with your work.

For example you could now be involved in:

School board
School Carnivals
helping in kids classes
Fund raising
Sleep overs with school friends
Etc etc…

Being involved in their education to this extent shows the court that you have a capacity to provide for the emotional needs of your children.

School involvement will also justify your claim for 50/50 as it will assist in being involved in their education. Homework etc…

You would also need to show that you can accommodate all five children in your home and that they have a good relationship with their half siblings and step mother.

Hope this helps.

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