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Specialist child support legal firm - beware possible scam!

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I went looking for a lawyer who specialies in child support- I found something a little dodgy.

I wanted legal advice, so I googled "child support lawyer". I found a firm that specialises in child support. They called me said they offer the following-for $2500 they will write a letter to your x threatening ongoing legal action and sueing for legal costs if they don't agree to negotiate a court ordered fixed amount of child support. The 2.5 k covers the writing of the threatening letter and the creation of the new orders. If the threat fails, then you have lost your money…dunno sounds like profiteering of suffering to me. Or it could be a bargain….
What if it doesnt work? You look like a goose in front of the enemy.Where is this firm?
Child Support Lawyers Melbourne, legal advice, representation | Manby & Scott - these are them;)
This company is going to make a fortune from the misery of others.

I'm in the wrong industry…..
A court ordered fixed amount for child support is not really possible these days as appeals for child support matters mostly go to the SSAT.
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